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Charter Aviation... A new kind of Virtual Airline Flight Sim experience. Any plane, any route, anytime. Welcome aboard!

Any plane you want to fly, anywhere you want to fly it, thats what Charter Aviation is all about. Planes need to move and all they need is a pilot. Thats you! Sign up now and make your Sim experience something more! Sim with Charter. Sim better.


Did You Know? Charter Aviation has its own IRC Channel? Yes! Join us at #CharterVA to stay in touch with other Charter pilots all over the world. Charter Aviation IRC channel is available from your favorite IRC server. Click here to use our web based (Internet Relay Chat), Open IRC Chat

ACARS Auto-Pirep System

Charter Aviation announces the ACARS Auto-Pirep System available for download now from Pilot Center -> Downloads. Charter Aviation would like to extend its congratulations and thanks to Glen D'souza - CHT0090 for his brilliant addition to Charter Aviation.

Currently Flying

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Recent Arrivals

# AircraftPilotArrivedFromTime
6239 B757-300   CHT0141 - Zacarias Silva LFPOLPFR3.16
6238 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDMEDDM1.34
6237 B757-200   CHT0056 - Simon Grant EGCCEDDM2.08
6236 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDMEDDF1.07
6235 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDFLFRC1.47
6234 A320NEO   CHT0056 - Simon Grant EDDMLEBB2.09
6233 B737-800   CHT0092 - Mark Mason EGCCLIRF3.00
6232 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan LFRCEDDF1.54
6231 A320   CHT0139 - Pablo López MPTOSBBR3.05
6230 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDFEPWA1.27
6229 B777-300   CHT0122 - Lars Van Hattum LFPOEBBR0.54
6228 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EPWAEDDF2.04
6227 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDFEHAM0.51
6226 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EHAMEDDF0.48
6225 A320NEO   CHT0123 - Joel Gunawan EDDFLEMD2.11

Flight Map

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Current Information

ACARS Pirep System
How to File a Pirep
New Downloads available
How-To File - Updated Info!
Multiplayer - Connect How-To

Recent Reports

LPFR-LFPO - Zacarias Silva
EDDM-EDDM - Joel Gunawan
EDDM-EGCC - Simon Grant
EDDF-EDDM - Joel Gunawan
LFRC-EDDF - Joel Gunawan
LEBB-EDDM - Simon Grant
LIRF-EGCC - Mark Mason
EDDF-LFRC - Joel Gunawan
SBBR-MPTO - Pablo López
EPWA-EDDF - Joel Gunawan

Pilots Online

There have been 0 user(s), and 6 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

New Pilots

CHT0145 Joby Lum
CHT0144 Petr Novotný
CHT0143 Mehmet Kaan Uzdil
CHT0142 Marteen Herrera
CHT0141 Zacarias Silva