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Charter Aviation... A new kind of Virtual Airline Flight Sim experience. Any plane, any route, anytime. Welcome aboard!

Any plane you want to fly, anywhere you want to fly it, thats what Charter Aviation is all about. Planes need to move and all they need is a pilot. Thats you! Sign up now and make your Sim experience something more! Sim with Charter. Sim better.


Did You Know? Charter Aviation has its own IRC Channel? Yes! Join us at #CharterVA to stay in touch with other Charter pilots all over the world. Charter Aviation IRC channel is available from your favorite IRC server. Click here to use our web based (Internet Relay Chat), Open IRC Chat

ACARS Auto-Pirep System

Charter Aviation announces the ACARS Auto-Pirep System available for download now from Pilot Center -> Downloads. Charter Aviation would like to extend its congratulations and thanks to Glen D'souza - CHT0090 for his brilliant addition to Charter Aviation.

Currently Flying

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Recent Arrivals

# AircraftPilotArrivedFromTime
5884 CARAVAN   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KTKIKIAH1.34
5883 B737-300   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KIAHKSFO4.17
5882 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KSFOKLVK0.43
5881 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KLVKKRNO1.38
5880 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KRNOKCCR2.00
5879 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KCCRKBFL2.30
5878 CARAVAN   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KBFLKHWD1.28
5877 CARAVAN   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KHWDKTOA2.00
5876 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KTOAKPSP1.06
5875 CARAVAN   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KPSPKPHX1.30
5874 B737-300   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KPHXKSEA2.53
5873 B737-300   CHT0056 - Simon Grant KSEAPAFA3.42
5872 CESSNA 172   CHT0056 - Simon Grant PAFAPATA1.23
5871 HURRICANE   CHT0004 - Brandon M CYBRCYBR30
5870 A320   CHT0129 - James An LOWILGSK2.19

Flight Map

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Current Information

ACARS Pirep System
How to File a Pirep
New Downloads available
How-To File - Updated Info!
Multiplayer - Connect How-To

Recent Reports

KIAH-KTKI - Simon Grant
KSFO-KIAH - Simon Grant
KLVK-KSFO - Simon Grant
KRNO-KLVK - Simon Grant
KCCR-KRNO - Simon Grant
KBFL-KCCR - Simon Grant
KHWD-KBFL - Simon Grant
KTOA-KHWD - Simon Grant
KPSP-KTOA - Simon Grant
KPHX-KPSP - Simon Grant

Pilots Online

There have been 0 user(s), and 1 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

New Pilots

CHT0136 Markus Wichmann
CHT0135 Samuel Fewtrell
CHT0134 Robert Devergillo
CHT0133 Chris Lawrence
CHT0132 Joshua Brooks