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Charter Aviation... A new kind of Virtual Airline Flight Sim experience. Any plane, any route, anytime. Welcome aboard!

Any plane you want to fly, anywhere you want to fly it, thats what Charter Aviation is all about. Planes need to move and all they need is a pilot. Thats you! Sign up now and make your Sim experience something more! Sim with Charter. Sim better.


Did You Know? Charter Aviation has its own IRC Channel? Yes! Join us at #CharterVA to stay in touch with other Charter pilots all over the world. Charter Aviation IRC channel is available from your favorite IRC server. Click here to use our web based (Internet Relay Chat), Open IRC Chat

NEW ACARS Auto-Pirep System now available

2020-05-28: Charter announces a revised version of its ACARS Auto-Pirep System available for download now from Pilot Center -> Downloads. This version fixes problems recognizing aircraft from different fgaddon versions and contains new aircraft...


2020-06-03: Charter announces the all new Cessna-208B Grand Caravan by ePilot - Available in Pilot Center - Downloads now!
Video available here!

Currently Flying

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Recent Arrivals

# AircraftPilotArrivedFromTime
7659 B727-200   CHT0071 - Diego Kzañaz MMUNMMGL2.31
7658 HU-16A   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla KAE2Z60.35
7657 B747-800I   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla VECCYPAD9.18
7656 B747-800I   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla YPADYSSY1.35
7655 B747-800I   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla YSSYNZAA2.45
7654 HU-16A   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla KAE68A0.37
7653 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OIMJOIMS0.23
7652 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OIMSOIMM0.22
7651 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OIMMOAKB1.14
7650 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OAKBOPFA0.49
7649 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OPFAOPLA0.18
7648 CESSNA 172   CHT0092 - Mark Mason EGNMEGNM1.10
7647 B747-800I   CHT0021 - Sane Zilla PHKOPHTO2.09
7646 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy OPLAVISA0.25
7645 B737-300   CHT0205 - Ross Purdy VISAVIDP0.27

Flight Map

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Current Information

New Aircraft
New Charter MP Server
ACARS Pirep System
How to File a Pirep
Multiplayer - Connect How-To

Recent Reports

MMGL-MMUN - Diego Kzañaz
2Z6-KAE - Sane Zilla
YPAD-VECC - Sane Zilla
YSSY-YPAD - Sane Zilla
NZAA-YSSY - Sane Zilla
68A-KAE - Sane Zilla
OIMS-OIMJ - Ross Purdy
OIMM-OIMS - Ross Purdy
OAKB-OIMM - Ross Purdy
OPFA-OAKB - Ross Purdy

Pilots Online

There have been 0 user(s), and 24 guest(s) online in the past 20 minutes.

New Pilots

CAW0327 AVA96 Guarin
CHT0323 Bob Mitchell
CHT0314 S Gilly
CHT0245 Gabs Jesus
CHT0244 Chris Lawrece